UW Collegium Seminars

The UW Collegium Seminar program was started in 2012 to further strengthen the first year experience for undergraduate students by giving them a valuable boost into the intellectual life of the university early in their academic careers. We know that academic success is enhanced when students connect with faculty early and often; that learning is strongest when supported by close peers and mentors; and that students who acquire the habits of mind that promote intellectual curiosity, rigor, and engagement with the academic world of the university become our strongest graduates.

In 2015, the Husky Leadership Initiative partnered with First Year Programs to support the Collegium Seminars where the theme of leadership will be woven throughout each seminar.

The UW Collegium Program is funded by student fees. Due to the discussion-oriented focus of a seminar course we limit the room size and cannot accommodate individuals that would like to audit the course. For more information about auditing courses please see the registrar website