UW Collegium Seminars

Common Guidelines

C/NC:  Seminars are graded credit no credit. Students need 80% to receive credit. Please make sure that the points possible and grading guidelines are fully outlined on the syllabus.

Course Format: Seminars are generally 1 credit and should involve elements of discussion and reflection. Please use the following policy as a guideline when assigning work outside of the classroom:

---1 credit per hour of weekly instruction and 2 hours of outside contact with the material. The 2:1 ratio of in-class hours to outside contact hours, however, is merely a guideline and may be altered as needed, according to the dictates of the course. The total number of hours per week that the student has in contact with the class material should not vary widely from 3 hours per credit.

Evaluations: We will order evaluations for your class. If you would like supplemental questions added please let us know.

Grades and Canvas: It is important to let students know how they are progressing in the class. We encourage you to set up a Canvas gradebook and update it frequently. If you have a canvas or catalyst website please share it with ljwiles@uw.edu.

Participation points: Participation cannot be more than 30% of the course grade.

Final Exam: We do not request a location for a final exam. If you would like to proctor a final exam please let us know.