UW Collegium Seminars

We invite you to join us on this effort to build upon the existing diverse seminar offerings and integrate or make explicit the student leadership competencies (Seemiller, 2014) that the Husky Leadership Initiative strives to help students develop.  These competencies fall into the general categories of: self-awareness and development, interpersonal interaction, group dynamics, communication, strategic planning, civic responsibility, and personal behavior.  For more detailed explanation of these leadership competencies, please visit:  http://huskyleadership.uw.edu/about/learning-objectives-2/.

We also envision the Collegium Seminars supporting HLI’s perspective on leadership that embraces the following four basic tenets:  1) critical:  students are willing and able to think critically of themselves and their social environment;  2) responsible:  students acknowledge their commitment to the communities that they build;  3) change:  students do not simply accept the status quo; they motivate themselves and influence the communities towards better futures;  and 4) relationships:  students understand that leadership derives from relationships, not position.  Students thus share leadership to create more leaders.  

What will having leadership as a core theme in Collegium Seminars look like exactly?  We know that you will have many innovative ideas to offer and share, but here are some ideas on how to make leadership more explicit in your Collegium Seminar:

Here are more ideas on how to make leadership more explicit in the classroom

Review the training presentation for detailed informaiton.  

Here is HLI’s theoretical framework.